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EICACS presentation at the STANAG 4559 Custodian Support Team

In the course of the STANAG 4559 Custodian Support Team Meeting on October 10 - 13 in Pardubice (CZE), Airbus Defence and Space GmbH representative Stefan Haubrichs introduced the attendees to EICACS.

In regular workshops, the Custodian Support Team (CST) discusses on future evolutions to the NATO Standard ISR Library Interface (STANAG 4559) and its three subordinated specifications (AEDP-17, AEDP-18, AEDP-19). The AEDPs (Allied Engineering Documentation Publications) cover the aspects of sharing static, stream and dynamic data as part of the Coalition Shared Database (CSD) concept which provides a solution for efficiently managing information in Joint ISR and Intelligence operations. As such, the CSD represents a key capability in an environment of ever increasing quantities of data produced by distributed sensor and information systems.

With presenting EICACS, its aims, objectives, and expected results, the STANAG 4559 CST was informed about a parallel initiative intending to progress standardization in the area of distributed information processing and exchange, amongst other technical aspects of Collaborative Air Combat. The initiated exchange between EICACS and the STANAG 4559 CST was a very first step for potential further collaboration and exploitation of synergies in the future.


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